What are the types of reels?

Source:Yongkang Naiboen Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.Release time:2021-04-25

The reel is widely used in people's daily life and work. It has many functions. According to the function, it is also called water drum, electric drum, oil drum, and car beauty display. According to the structure, it can be divided into many kinds. Let's take a closer look:

Sealed type: The spool of this type of reel is hidden, and there is a cover on the winding head. The busbar comes out of a small hole in the cover, and there is a needle that replaces the pay-off stand. It can be retracted by pressing the key. fishline.

Spinning wheel type: The bobbin of this equipment is fixed, and the bus bar comes out from one end of the bobbin, the line does not backlash, and the operation is simple.

Reelable type: It also includes single-bearing reel and double-bearing reel.

Double bearing: This equipment can be used for bait and fur bait.

Single bearing: This kind of reel can be rotated, but the backlash of the thread and the tangling of the thread must be paid attention to.