What are the advantages of the automatic hose reel?

Source:Yongkang Naiboen Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.Release time:2021-04-25

Nowadays, the use of automatic hose reel has made a great contribution to the labor-saving of automobile production and maintenance industry. Its products are unique. So, what are the advantages of the automatic retractable hose reel?

1. Double-sided steel ball bearings are used, which is more lubricated, minimizes frictional resistance, and makes the product more wear-resistant.

2. The steel main shaft is not easy to break and is durable, and the steel pawl seat is not easy to deform and not easy to be misplaced.

3. It can be rotated 180 degrees and has a large working range. It is suitable for more processing workshops and can be flexibly fixed on the wall.

4. Use automatic pipe arrangement in the same layer to avoid entanglement of pipelines.

5. Excellent telescopic design (built-in pawl, coil spring) makes the reel compact and makes the venue more tidy.

6. Equipped with mounting bracket seat, which is convenient and quick to move and disassemble.

The product advantages of the automatic hose reel are numerous. According to the corresponding material properties, it can transmit water, gas, electricity and some less corrosive liquid gas.