Three characteristics of tube reel

Source:Yongkang Naiboen Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.Release time:2021-04-25

The hose reel is a long-distance energy transmission device. Because of its strong working performance, simple operation, and affordable price, it is used in many automobile maintenance equipment. Here are the three characteristics of the equipment, let's take a look:

1. In terms of work: Workers can easily and quickly obtain various energy materials or tools, which avoids the phenomenon of putting tools on the floor and searching everywhere. If the workers step on accidentally, it will accelerate the scrapping of the pipeline, and the use of the wire reel Timely shrinking can avoid danger, save working time, improve work efficiency, save time, effort, and money.

2. In terms of equipment life: maintenance factories that do not use cord reels are dangerous for energy pipelines. Pipelines that have been dragged anywhere in the past are very susceptible to damage from strong corrosive materials, which makes the equipment life longer, convenient maintenance, and relatively cost-effective. high.

3. In terms of operation: the rewinding spring of the wire reel can stretch and shrink the pipeline, intensively manage various energy pipelines, and change the previous tools such as pipelines, power plugs, oxyacetylene pipelines, light bulbs, and spray guns. The messy and scattered phenomenon, tidy up, rectify, clean up, clean the working environment, thereby improving the working environment and increasing the company's efficiency.